World War III?

It’s a serious question, right? Are we headed to an all out escalation towards a global war or wars?

I don’t know about you but I watch the news, social media, read articles on what’s happening. Frankly I don’t get it.  This blog is a little different. I’m asking questions of you.

I honestly don’t get what’s going on in the conflicts, if that’s the correct term, that we currently face. The middle east is a mess, a confused mess of political issues. Korea I get a little more. I get dictatorships, I don’t agree with them but I understand the motives behind it. Power, greed and fear of losing it.

Am I wrong in thinking that money, greed and power are  the forefront generally? Historical issues being an excuse? Interference in other states affairs never end well. The middle east a prime example, I’ve grown up with the Israel, Palestine argument and am no clearer as to who is right and who’s wrong. Is there a right, wrong answer?

Now we have Syria, all sides claiming they are right, neighbours fighting for land they once shared peacefully. Familiar? I’ve met people from countries in conflict. I’ve asked what the war was about, I get answers such as, “You cant trust them.”  I’ve asked did you trust them before the war, answer yes.

So why fight.

Is it down to politicians? Do we,  the people, follow blindly their instructions, ideals, opinions.  We delegate our responsibility to the politicians that we and other democracies elect. Not all peoples have that opportunity, they don’t elect, or freely elect their leaders. Aren’t we just as under our leaders control as those of less democratic countries. The illusion of freedom?

Please tell me what you think. We have elections coming up in June. We have choices to make, will they be the choices we want or the choices our political leaders want us to make?







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